Monthly Archives: October 2017

Contrails make clouds brighter, according to new study

Most of us are familiar with the cloud-like vapor emitted by many aircraft or condensation trails, also known as contrails as we often see them appear behind the tail end of planes as they linger in the sky. Contrails form when the water in the jet exhaust mixes with the cold, wet air in the sky and then condenses into ice crystals to form a type of cirrus cloud, and this cirrus cloud is what we identify from the ground as a contrail. Scientists and aviation experts have known for a long time how these contrails form, but it was ...

Strange Plane Noses Explained

Everyone has their own fears whether it be heights, deep water, spiders or anything else. However, many people share one very common fear, the fear of flying. Especially after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, fear of flying became even more widespread and now it is hard not to be just a little bit anxious as you board a huge Boeing 737. One of the reasons that passengers have such a hard time is because there is so much unknown. How are the pilots flying the plane? How does this massive plane lift off and glide through the air? And what in ...

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